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Compare Residential Listing Photos and Decide Which Ones Will Attract Prospects

Photo © J. Larry Golfer

Unfortunately some realtors (and remodeling/renovation companies, too) do not know the power of great professional photography.

Look at the first 30 photos on this Zillow page here, and tell me that you think these photos will attract prospects for the realtor that posted them.

Above: Not my photo!

I was subsequently engaged by a different agent to shoot this same property. Now look at the photos on this link. These are my photos (you can click through them on that site with the buttons on the bottom right.) See how my beautiful, clear and bright photography can make a property look so desirable that buyers will be ringing your phone off the hook!

View more examples of my work at my Dazzling Property Photography website and let me photograph your listing, your remodeling project, or your new home construction.

Click on the contact button above to reach me. Reasonable rates, fast turnaround, and personal service.

Want more testimonials? See my reviews on here:

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