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Happy Realtor Client Loves Great Photographs

Jennifer Powell of the Powell Team at Keller Williams in Arlington, Virginia, is one of my best clients. She's a very successful realtor and recently posted the following on my Facebook page about my photography:

"As all of my clients and realtor friends know, finding a good photographer can be tough. We need someone who can capture the feeling in every room, show off the most quality features of home, respect our clients and their homes as well as deliver these high quality photos back to us with a quick turn around time. I have found my trusted photographer and will never have to look elsewhere. He is absolutely fantastic and exceeds all of my expectations. Anyone in need of a good photographer, know that Larry Golfer will go above and beyond for you. Here are just a couple of examples of some of my recent homes he's photographed."

Thanks, Jennifer.

I can offer the same level of quality and service to you too, whether you are a realtor, builder, remodeling/renovation contractor, property manager or interior decorator. Great photos will get you more clients and more sales. It's a fact!

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