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Great Photos Dazzle Your Clients: You Sell Faster, Get More Listings

Several research studies over the past couple of years have revealed the importance of professional photography in the real estate business. But aside from the research, why should you use a professional photographer for you listing photos? Here's a few reasons:

1. Your core competency is real estate, not photography.

You've spent great time and effort to become an agent or broker, and that's what you do best. Unless you've been a pro photographer, stick to your field.Professional real estate and architecture photographers study, practice, invest in top quality equipment, and strive to make the best photos possible for their clients. Sure, mobile phone cameras are great, but to get those really quality images, a phone can't compete with a pro with a great eye using professional camera equipment.

2. Homebuyers give high rating to photos as a feature when shopping on online property websites. says 89% of homebuyers who use the internet to shop for a home found that online photos were very useful in their shopping. Considering the short attention span of an online user, if your listing's photos do not capture a prospective buyer in that brief moment your listing comes up, you may lose a potential sale to the next listing which does have stunning photos. Source: Highlights of the 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers (page 6).

3. Great photos mean more Listings

This may be the most obvious reason to use a professional photographer for your business. Your continuing success in home sales depends on successfully marketing a property and getting the best sales price for your client. That means showing the property in the best possible light, and how better to do that with beautiful professionally-shot photographs.

Contact me at to talk about how I can create beautiful photos for your listings.



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